Highlights and Inspiration from Mom 2.0 Summit 2013


My mind continues to reel from the Mom 2.0 Summit I attended this past weekend. Picture this. Ocean views from spectacular cliffs, the lovely hospitality of the Ritz Carlton and a room filled with empowered, passionate, creative women sharing stories of inspiration and purpose. I felt like Cinderella. And Mom 2.0 was the best ball ever.

In just two whirlwind days, I met a number of amazing people, took pages of notes, and made connections with media outlets in hopes of taking my voice to new audiences.

I was the newbie. It was not only my first Mom 2.0, but also my first blogging conference. I was worried about getting swallowed up in the sea of 500-plus attendees, but I held my own. I pushed out of my comfort zone and met strangers, and listened intently as I heard their stories and journeys. The sessions were amazing, yes, but even more important, I left the paradise of Laguna Niguel with a sense of purpose.

Months ago, I made a very conscious decision to say, “YES” to new experiences. I was in a rut. I lacked passion. I needed something more.

Enter blogging. As a writer, and former journalist, I yearned to tell a story, my story, the stories and challenges of working moms. What I’ve discovered and gained as a result is so much more. I have a tribe, a community, a group of people who are supportive and giving and bright as hell. Still, as a newish blogger, it’s easy to feel isolated at times. Is anyone reading? Am I connecting? Am I full of shit?

There are certainly ebbs and flows, and this summit came at just the right time. I wanted to see what is possible with blogging and seek ways to keep the creative spark alive. This conference delivered on all counts, and I offer my sincere thanks to the Mom 2.0 Summit team and many attendees and brands.

I’m sure there will be posts in the weeks ahead that will touch on things I learned, but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite nuggets.

  • From Dove, who has just launched an absolutely amazing campaign called Girls Unstoppable, I heard the message that we need to do a much better job projecting positive images and mantras to encourage girls to be strong. Our future needs positive role models for girls, and that starts with me. I want my own daughter to be “unstoppable” and show the world she is capable of doing anything. Want to feel inspired? Check this out.
  • From Erica Ehm of the Yummy Mummy Club, I heard “Find the right jeans for your ass.” Translation? Connect with people who “get you” and if they don’t, keep looking.
  • From Elan Morgan, I heard the message about taking time to recharge and feed your passions. Your family can get their own cereal in the morning. You need time to be you. She said it much cooler and edgier, but the point is, I need to focus on me, or I’ll wither away.
  • From Lindsey Garrett, also known as The Modchik, and Tracey Clark, I heard some great tips on infusing creativity into my life. I must feed my urge to be creative, and encourage my children’s creative spirits. I loved when Lindsey said, “The future belongs to the right brain – our kids are going to be fighting for jobs, fighting to stand out … creativity will be the differentiator.” And Tracey chimed in with a great nugget, “Create for joy. You don’t have to share everything.”
  • From Katherine Wintsch of The Mom Complex, “Mothers are not at war with other mothers. We are at war with ourselves.” Seriously, let’s give ourselves a break. No one is perfect. Let’s stop pretending and just get honest. I need to work on letting go of the mommy guilt.

These are just a few of the powerful messages that connected with me this weekend. So, I’m so glad I said, “YES” to Mom 2.0 Summit. No regrets beyond the fact that I couldn’t connect with everyone I wanted to meet. But, there’s always next year …



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    Great post! It sounds like an amazing conference. Saw highlights throughout the weekend on Facebook and Twitter and wished so much we had been there. Thank you for this awesome re-cap! :)-The Dose Girls

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      And I can’t wait to hear about your experience as well. I think whenever you attend a conference, you generally always pick up some new gems of information.

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    Kerry, great post and it’s wonderful that you got so much out of it. Last year was my first Mom 2.0 and I described it as being in an environment of increased oxygen. So much energy, so much inspiration, a little too much Chardonay. Glad you were there.

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    Kerry, thank you for coming to my table. I’m sorry it was crazed and we couldn’t talk more. I had noticed your intro on the Mom 2.0 FB page and I felt like I didn’t get a chance to say hello properly.

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      I still took some great notes from your session, so thanks for all of the insights. I can see why you are such a valued partner to brands who are trying to understand this new and evolving space. :)

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    This wasn’t my first blogging conference, but it was my first Mom 2.0, and it was brilliant. It’s one I definitely want to go to again. I feel like my blogging batteries have been recharged.

    I’m so glad you liked my talk!

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    Wow! It sounds like an amazing event and I’m so glad you were able to go and immerse yourself with other moms. I love this – From Katherine Wintsch of The Mom Complex, “Mothers are not at war with other mothers. We are at war with ourselves.” – it’s true. We need to support one another because we know the joy and pain of motherhood and need to have one another backs. And even more importantly, we need to give ourselves a break too! You got a ton of great insight and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

  6. Lesli CK says

    I’m glad to hear that this was your first blog conference. I would like to go to this conference next year. It will be my first blog conference. I’ve heard about many of blog conferences, but this one sounds like it might suit me. Do you think it is a good one for a first blog conference?

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      I talked to many women over the weekend and they did say this was a great conference to attend. BlogHer is apparently HUGE. Thousands of people, so it’s hard to connect with people. I’ve also heard good things about the SITS Girls conferences. Those are less about the brands and more about the blogging, and they are usually pretty small, so that might be a good one to look into as well.

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    Kerry, I don’t think we met, but I wish we had!! I’m a working mom too! I love that photo and I love your blog’s look! So clean and neat! I can’t wait to come back and read more! Great to meet you here!

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      Thanks Annie. Hopefully we can get to know one another more virtually. I wish we had more time to make new connections. There were so many amazing women at the conference.

  8. Kim Nguyen says

    Great post, Kerry! Don’t you love coming back from weekends that inspire? Keep the blogs coming!

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    Hi Kerry – Great post! I was a newbie too. Mom 2.0 truly exceeded my expectations! I have so much information swimming in my head right now and can’t wait to act on it. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope we can keep in touch!

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      Thanks – and me too! I always have so much respect for published authors. You should be so proud of your work and the brand you are building. I definitely think there is a market. :)

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    I’m so thrilled to read that some things I mentioned lived on past those three whirlwind days! Aren’t conferences exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time? Mom 2.0 sets the bar high with the Ritz back drop, you’ve got good taste momma. Rock on and remember my little tip 😀 wink wink.

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    The conference sounded inspirational — I need to put it on my list for next year! Thank you for sharing what you learned, I especially liked the statement about trying to let go of the mom guilt and being so hard on ourselves. Subscribing to your feed and can’t wait to read more!

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    This sounds like a really great conference! I hope we’ll be able to meet up at a conference one year! I am tentatively planning on BlogHer ’15! :-)


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