Real Love

I’m tired, congested and my house is a mess. I’m supposed to have the day off, but I need to log-on to work. The frig is bare, I need to meal-plan, and I volunteered to be at my kid’s Valentine’s Party.

There will be no magical date night, and my bedside table will likely be filled with cold medicine, water and Kleenex wads.

This is reality. For parents, love is wrapped into wiping noses and urgent care visits. It’s dividing and conquering on carpool and book reports. It’s tagging yourself in when you know your spouse is ready to lose it with the three-year-old. It’s folding laundry side-by-side, listening to work woes, and waking up early to conquer the day.Love-is-patient

Romance comes in small moments. An embrace, cuddling on the couch, holding hands for a quick second before one of the kids breaks us apart. It’s laughing hard at the chaos!

We enjoy the occasional date night, and quiet when all three kids are snuggled into bed. I love watching my husband dance with my daughter, high-five my son and smile as he sees each one grow and try something new.

Young love is intoxicating, addicting, new.

Thirteen years of married love is … well, it’s just real. We know one another’s quirks, we know how committed we are to the family and we appreciate things big and small.

So this Valentine’s Day, boogers and all, I’m thankful for an amazing spouse and three kids who love me unconditionally. Right back at yah!

What are you doing for this holiday? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other?


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    Happy Valentine’s Day, Kerry! Hope the snot dries up soon. But don’t feel bad about the rest. After three straight snow days, my house is a mess, the fridge is empty, and my patience is paper-thin. C’est la vie! But beneath the dust bunnies and chaos, there’s real love here, too. And that’s all I really need.

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    Kerry – Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Thank you for letting us take a peek at what real love looks like in your house. It looks just lovely if you ask me. xo

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