If Only There Was More Time

timeI obsess about time. I will for more of it.

These days, with three active kids, I feel like we are running from one event to the next. The mornings start early to squeeze in a workout, and they end late with a load of laundry and checking backpacks for the next day.

In between, there’s a commute, a very full workday, random errands and the after-school whirlwind. There is two working parents trying to “divide and conquer,” cross off all of the to-do’s and ensure the big things get done – homework, dinner and some hugs and kisses along the way.

When I see young moms with their babies and toddlers, I recall simpler days. Sure, there were sleepless nights and slumped shoulders from carrying little people, but there was time. Now, we’re managing five lives – and everyone seems so busy. Too busy.

When are the moments to recharge? To read? To daydream? A vacation here and there just doesn’t feel like enough.

Strangers tell me these years will fly by, and I have no doubt they are right. But what will we remember? How did we spend our time? Did we enjoy the crazy days? Or could we have simplified? Could we have embraced more lazy days, more hours to leisure, more afternoons to recharge?

I don’t know.

I suppose “time” will tell. The kids seem happy and thriving in all they do. As for me and my husband, we are surviving. We look for moments to escape, to sleep, to question if we can eek out just a little more time.

And we pray we are making the right choices … we pray we are using our most precious gift of time in the right ways.

You? Do you obsess about time?

Are you in the throes of soccer weekends and after-school madness and running from one event to the next?

How do you maximize your time as a family? When do you find time to just be?