About Breadwinning Mama

Hi Guys! I’m the one and only breadwinning mama – Evelyn Watts!

Or you can call me Eve for short 🙂

I am a single mother of two fantastic boys Theo and Chris, and proud of it!

Although being a single mother can be challenging at times, it is definitely doable if you know what you’re doing.

And while I didn’t necessarily know all the ins and outs of being a successful single mother during those first few years of motherhood, I definitely know my stuff now.

And that’s why I created this site – to help any other single mothers out there who may need some advice on raising your family as the sole parent in the household.

I discuss not only the critical aspects directly related to providing a solid upbringing for your kids, but also some of the more nuanced aspects of your life, such as your own sexual well-being or how to view your career, all of which also contribute to your overall success and happiness as a single mother.

So with all of that said, please enjoy Breadwinning Mama!