Embrace The Chaos Of Single Parenting

When compared to a typical household that is comprised of two parents taking care of the children, the role of a single mother is often considered to be overwhelming, if for no other reason than the fact that just one parent has to take on all of the responsibility that is typically reserved for two parents. And with this overwhelming nature of being a single parent, many single mothers are afraid of not being able to provide exactly the kind of upbringing for their child as would be the case if the father was still in the picture. And this is a fairly common and normal fear to have, if we are being quite honest.

However, the reality is that being a single parent will always lead to a uniquely different upbringing for your child. Schedules will be more hectic as you try to juggle all aspects of your kids’ lives alone, and you may forget to take care of certain chores from time to time as a result. But even with these realities of being a single parent, the best thing you can do not only for yourself but for your children, is to embrace the single mother lifestyle.

Things won’t go perfectly, no matter how hard you try as a single parent. But that doesn’t mean that you are doing a bad job as a parent. There are plenty of two-adult households that will very likely do worse off than yourself acting as the lone parent. And even when things may not be as structured as you like, there is nothing wrong with embracing it, and showing your children that life is not always perfect.

In fact, embracing this “chaos” of being a single parent is often something that will endear you towards your children. For example, if you are still up doing chores and your child wants to stay up with you, don’t be afraid to let them do it, even if it means staying up past their bedtime. Embrace the one night where they stay up late so that you two can bond as a mother and child.

Or if your kid wanted to go and see a movie this weekend, but you simply don’t have the funds to take them out to an expensive movie theater, create a movie night in your own home by renting a movie they haven’t seen yet and watching it together – complete with popcorn and everything and anything else to give you guys the full movie-going experience.

Life is about taking it as it goes, not necessarily about having everything planned out absolutely perfectly for every second of every day. Although being a single parent can be difficult and stressful at times, being able to live out a spontaneous and ultimately more exciting life with your children is definitely one of the more noteworthy benefits.